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Only With Words [12:49am - 09/20/2020]

[ mood | exhausted ]

Hi everyone! *waves*

It's been a while since I've given this community some sweet lovin', so I decided to give it a makeover. Maybe it'll respark some interest. It seems to have been a little lonely lately. *hugs community* Anyway, hope you all like it! I still have some tweaking to do with the coding [the entry boxes and the background are a little bit off], but it shouldn't take me long.

That aside, I hope you all like it! =D

hey guys, i'm back! [10:55pm - 04/10/2006]

[ mood | mellow ]

i've not been able to think of a name for this one.

soak in the sun, take
another step.
shade your eyes, make
another wish.
say a silent prayer, shake
the sand from your sheets.

dressed for travel you lie
cold and shivering
on the sun scorched and hard
surface of the earth.
waiting for the dawn you dream
of violence and vampires
on the sun scorched and hard
surface of the earth.

open your eyes, wake
in the void of a new moon.
shiver and groan, stake
your life on this forgiveness.
hear the wind blow, ache
for the redeeming burn of the day.

the horizon pulls at you
you're ready, yet reluctant still.
the future beckons to you,
a witch with crooked fingers.
the future beckons to you,
a forest of stationary and ancient soldiers.

dressed for travel you lie
cold and shivering
on the sun scorched and hard
surface of the earth.
waiting for the dawn you dream
of violence and vampires
on the sun scorched and hard
surface of the earth.

[5:23pm - 09/29/2005]

[ mood | blah ]

Pummel my body. .
Beat my soul.
Tare my heart in half.
I fight this fight out of aggitation
On my knees I crawl,
My heart I condemn....
Help me please.

Give me strength,
pull me through,
you promised,
were are you?

I'm falling.. .
please pick me up.. .
I need you now more than ever
Please, oh please. . .help me

Okay everyone, be honest.... [8:14pm - 09/17/2005]

[ mood | creative ]

Jessica (speckle_darling) REALLY wanted me to use this layout for jw_poets. It's a much simpler layout than the one we had before, but it has it's own animated background of stars. I think it looks really cute, but what do you all think? Any suggestions?

Click the image to see the layout!

A prayer [8:57pm - 07/18/2005]

O Jehovah, Please be with me.
Never let me get puffed up with pride.
Never let me think that I cannot fall father.
Woe to me if ever I do.
Raise me up Jehovah to glorify your name.
Lift me up, your praise I will sing
Strengthen me, do not let me fall,
Be with me, hear me when i call.
Help me, I am weak but your power is infinite.
Love me, and help me love you and others in return.
Hear me, my cries pierce your heart.
Deliver me from this evil one.
To you be the honor and glory.

what the heck [5:28pm - 06/23/2005]

[ mood | tired ]

im bored today so i guess i will post another, i wrote this one in albeqiurky new mexico during pioneer school last year. we got lost and it was raining and we where far from anything. i was inspired. tho not realy spirital it does have a certain yearning for paradize theme. this one is actualy now published by noble house publishing inc. so if you pick it up and read it in your local bookstore i didnt plagerize, i wrote it, here ya go its called
"abanodond highway"

A ghost driven car rolls slowly down a misty
freeway, empty. Toward the lights of a city
who's beautiful pollution has become art. Stars
have no names here, they nearly cease to exist
as toxic clouds block their shimering tears.
As Death came by moonlight, the trees casting a
ghost shadow upon a silent loch. A lone cars
light cast shadows down a long wet highway.
The moons rays reflecting puddles of rain, the
images captured in potholes. A haunted night
left behind in the break lights of a lonly deaths car.

hi [1:37pm - 06/23/2005]

[ mood | chipper ]

hi yall new to here but heres a lil somthing u might all enjoy. intitlted the silent whatch-man its a lil dark but good i think let me know if u like it.

Watch-man we all live in fear, so tell me of the night, please tell me that its clear.
Alas! all is not well for behind the wall comes hell. An army coming silent as the death they bring, but from the tower no warning bells ring. watch-man tell us to fight or warn us to flee, if only you'd say any thing if only you wern't asleep.
Watch-man tell me of the night of the tears that bring tomarow. Tell me of the destruction, and the sorrow. If you would but let out a shout the gatekeeper would let us out, away from this carnage and our doom, away from the weeping smoke and gloom. But from the watchtower, no screams no not a peep oh watch-man if only you where not asleep.

hey. . . . [4:28pm - 05/31/2005]


Well I told everyone that I left livejournal . . .but i didn't  i still read and everytihng. I wrote this poem in response to Jessi'sspeckle_darling ) Challenge.

Ocean of wonder. By: T.A.G.

Look beyond the horizon,
see the sunset:
Pink, orange, purple, and yellow.
Feel on my feet.  . .
Jehovah's creation.
Tickle my toes,
run over my soles,
submerge my ankles in your constant flow.
Look out into time indefinite,
and draw closer to my God!
The waves are constant,
Its flow is steady,
Let it's peace submerge you.
Observe that Jehovah's laws
are steady, never changing.
His will is constantly done,
and peace resides with him.
Reach out and close your eyes.
Let your senses wonder.
Put one foot in front of the other.
Go to your belly,
HIS love is deeper than the bottom.
Throw up your hands and plunder into its waters,
Feel Jehovah's creation,
Feel this ocean of wonder.

I'd love to hear any comments on what you thought or how i can make it better.

This next poem is actually for and dedicated to the other Jessi.(jessicapain)

It's called I'm sorryCollapse )

Dreams [5:16pm - 04/21/2005]

I remember a time when dandilions made
the best necklaces, and we laid
on the grass, staring at the clouds
and dreaming of the future
a time when all things will make sense.
Our nature is to grasp for better things.
We dreamt then and we dream now.
Without dreams we would not survive
without dreams we cannot thrive.

hahaha [9:15pm - 04/12/2005]

[ mood | indescribable ]

I don't know where thias came from. . . .



We put Jehovah first and ourselves last. . how interesting???

[4:59pm - 04/06/2005]

I did not write this poem, but it's so good, I just had to share it with all of you.

Appreciation for Jehovah's NameCollapse )

hello [8:57am - 04/01/2005]

[ mood | tired ]

Well thnx for all the comments. . .I really liked them. You were all right also. It was very fun to keep you guessing. Well **drum roll** This poem was about me. . .It can also be about how all of us stryuggle with problems and sometimes we desire something soo badly in our heart but we know that we can't have it because we belong to Jehovah. So in a way since you have that desire in your heart you are already guilty of commiting that sin because you want it. It sorta when Jesus said he that so ever loks at a woman has already sinned against his body. So it's very tough. I wrote this because i was going through a very diffiuclt trail with some one but by relying on Jehovah he has turned into a blessing and i know have a bible study. I must though control my fleshy desires. . . .hahahaha.

hey guys!!!!! [10:08pm - 03/30/2005]

[ mood | aggravated ]

Ok guys. . this poem is kinda deep. .. . tell me what u think it means and then maybe I'll tell u why I wrote it.
GuiltyCollapse )

yo ppls [10:07pm - 03/29/2005]

[ mood | creative ]

I gotta be quick .. .. but here's my site its cool and here are the peoms. siteCollapse ) and the poem is here. . .LonelyCollapse )

[8:57pm - 03/28/2005]

Well this was off the top of my head but hey. ..I started to write a book with this title hahahah
poemsCollapse )

hello [6:06am - 03/26/2005]

Sorry, I 've never written in here. I'm T.A. a witness from N.C. and my journal site is imaginitivemind . hahah well. . .This came to me the other day when I felt like sending out "warnings" hahahaha. I'm soo dumb.

:: Get right with Jehovah, do not delay. . .cultivate a strong relationship with him, let him be your refuge your rock, make him real to you, do not delay, do it today, yes do it now, the end is near. . . it's closer than you think, it is coming fast. . .let jehovah be your strong hold. Love him with all you heart.. . be where his spirit dwells and take a personal interest in getting to know him because tomorrow is not garenteed. Do it now. . .do not delay, do it today.::

The Desperation Society [8:59pm - 03/25/2005]

The Desperation Society

always wanting never getting
always needing never fulfilling
always being never living

we are the desperation society
our eyes are wide open
yet we can't see a thing
our hearts are pure
yet we cannot love
our hands are gentle
yet we cannot feel
we are the desperation society

always wounded never healed
always cracked never broken
always washed never clean

we are the desperation society
our members are many
yet we are not strong
our determination is impressive
yet we are not focused
we are full of good intentions
yet we can't make one decision
we are the desperation society

always smiling never laughing
our eyes are crying never drying
always longing never receiving

we are the desperation society

new poem, well, not new to me, but new to you -- I wrote it over a year ago. [4:50pm - 03/22/2005]


Maybe I'm just dull
Maybe I want to sit in the corner

Maybe you're repulsed
Maybe I don't have a clever retort

Maybe I know I'm stupid and boring
Maybe I notice you going to bed early

Maybe our friendships's a fragile facade
Maybe I forgot the meaning of loyal

Maybe this world's a vile place
Maybe we should stick together just in case

On a side note to all you poetry lovers out there. If you've never heard of Edna St. Vincent Millay, you should check her out. She's one of my favorites. Her poems take you in their arms and cradle you -- they are almost hypnotizing.

poetry = love [6:40pm - 03/03/2005]

[ mood | artistic ]

They Say Mirrors Never Lie

I looked at myself in the mirror today.
I held myself up to the light.

I wish I could be like the others,
I wish I could be without this sight.

I saw all of my flaws,
the discrepances of character.
I saw my crooked fingers,
my murdered dreams,
and my silly sins of desire.

How can I fix myself,
how can I even try
to be who I need to be?

All of my rotteness
denies me that priviedge.

I guess I'll have to salvage,
and do the best I can.
I guess I 'll have to make do
with what I have.

hello all [9:24pm - 03/02/2005]

Well, I'm finally in the know. I can finally post, yay!

First of all, my name is Natalie DeArmonde Robbins. I just threw in my middle name because I think it's pretty shnazzy. I'm 22, live in Saint Louis, Missouri, and I yearn to be a world travelor. I've been baptized since 12 November 1994. I've been pioneering since January 2004, so just a little over a year. And let me tell you, pioneering is a very humbling experience. I don't remember what else was on the list so I'm just going to continue to write about myself. My goal in life is to be a missionary. I'm learning Chinese so I can help chinese speaking people living in Saint Louis. But I do have a more far reaching goal. I want to show the society that I'm willing to learn a language that I have no experience with, that I'm willing to stetch myself, and do something that will help people. I'm really enjoying it. Besides traveling, my other love is music. I studied music in college -- four years that I basically wasted, but still really enjoyed. I play the piano and guitar, and I also sing. I love to write music but to be completely honest, I'm not very good. I guess I would describe myself as a lyricist, because I love to combine words and music.

Well, I guess that's enough about me. Just to let all you know, I don't have a computer so I rely on friends, family and the fabulous library, so I don't post that often. So please forgive me if I don't reply to your post or comment right away.


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